Why ‘Your Vendor Directory’ helps drive leads for free!

My clients need services. The home buying process is tough, but after moving to a new location, finding the right service providers can be even tougher. Just moving across town means relocating a lot of services. And with a larger house or smaller house, customizations need to be done. So, for the benefit of my clients I created this vendor directory. Honestly, who keeps business cards handy all the time? I don’t, and my clients kept asking for all types of ‘who do you know’ businesses. So I created them for this, and a free way for you to advertise. Download the attachment below to see the simple things I need, such as phone number and email, to add your business.

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone brought you referrals that fit your exact client profile?

That was my purpose when creating my B2B Referral Network. Unlike consumers, business owners understand how to provide a proper referral. After all, they understand the process because it promotes their livelihood as well. I wanted a simple way to produce the right referral for the right business. Click on the ‘Apply Here’ Button to provide your application for entry into my B2B Referral Group.

How we do it?

My database or ‘databank’ networking system is my secret. I have a robust database of business owners that connect online and in person. The trusted relationships you will form in this group will give way to a productive referral exchange process. Certain activities are set up for the benefit of having fun, so people get to know each other in a natural setting. Private online forums help facilitate engagement when not meeting in person.

Filling out the application form below will help us screen your business to ensure acceptance will result in a win-win for you and the group. If accepted into the referral group, I can begin to help you connect with people that will help provide you business referrals.

Why fill out the form below?

The application form is the first step to vetting businesses that will be a good fit for the group. We want quality over quantity. For this reason, we screen all applicants to ensure that it will promote the purpose of the referral group: giving and receiving business referrals.

What is the criteria to join?

  1. Be a small business owner in Whatcom
  2. Be able to provide Real Estate Referrals
  3. Be able to provide Other Business Type Referrals
  4. Be Active in the Group
  5. Be able to participate regularly in the online and in person settings
  6. Enhance the inclusive, friendly culture of the referral group

Next steps

If you feel the referral group would benefit you and your business, I encourage you to fill out the application form below. Soon after receiving your application, I will contact you to set up an online interview.

Should you feel the need to talk further, please reach out to Derek Worchel at (360) 389 7988 or via email, Derek@AllServicesRealEstateWhatcom.com.