Sunnyland Neighborhood – Bellingham, WA

Sunnyland makes up the area east of Downtown Bellingham and just west of Interstate-5, capped on the North end by Sunset Drive. Much of the southern portion of this neighborhood is industrial but otherwise, it is a diverse residential area home to about 2,200 people.

Sunnyland neighborhood real estate is affordable and convenient with a median home value of $286,300. Located just on the other side of Cornwall Ave from the historic Lettered Streets. This area is, therefore, extremely walkable so you should keep that in mind if that is something that is important to you. Residents also feel extremely safe doing so due to the extremely low crime rate. It is also an extremely popular neighborhood for those who enjoy making use of their bicycle.

Real estate investors flock to the Sunnyland neighborhood because only about 58% of residents are homeowners. This may be in part due to the great number of single people choosing to call Sunnyland home – making it a great town to get out and meet people!

Perhaps if you are looking to purchase your first home, and like the idea of tree-lined sidewalks which make this neighborhood a great place to get around by foot, Sunnyland is the best place for you! Contact All Services Real Estate today and we will help set you up with an excellent home in this neighborhood.

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