Silver Beach Neighborhood – Bellingham, WA

Silver Beach is the neighborhood wrapped around the Northernmost tip of Lake Whatcom. As a result, a large portion of this neighborhood is a scenic shoreline. The neighborhood itself is also very beautiful as, like most of Bellingham, the residents are sure to keep their yard well maintained.

Silver Beach real estate is slightly more expensive than the suburban communities to its west with a median home price of around $420k. However, primarily made up of medium sized, three to four bedroom homes, this location is perfect for families who want more room and direct access to lakefront living! Plus, much of the neighborhood is quite new. It is certainly one of the areas that have been developed more recently, perhaps within the last thirty years or so.

Local recreation includes Big Rock Garden and Bloedel Donovan Park. Big Rock Garden is quite unique as it is a “formal, landscaped garden” with art and sculptures mixed within it. The tie to Canadian ancestry in Silver Beach is further proved through the park’s pieces by Canadian artist David Marshall. Overall, the works exhibited are quite diverse!

Bloedel Donovan, on the other hand, is your more typical Bellingham greenery. Grills, picnic tables, and multipurpose fields are available for local residents to enjoy.

If a Lakefront neighborhood is a must and you don’t mind being furthest east from Bellingham Bay, talk to All Services Real Estate about homes available in Silver Beach.

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