Lettered Streets Neighborhood Bellingham, WA

Just north of the Bellingham’s Central Business District is the Lettered Street Neighborhood. The two towns are separated only by Whatcom Creek, which lets out into Bellingham Bay. It is no surprise that the neighborhood gets its name from its lettered street names ranging from A street to J street. The intersecting streets that make the neighborhood grid form are also alphabetical order from Astor Street to Nickin Street.

Originally established as a middle-class community, this neighborhood is filled with single-family homes and apartment buildings. You may find some landlord owned homes where families saving up to buy their first house in Washington rent and live, as well. It is also, of course, an ideal location for people working downtown and who prefer to maintain a minimum commute time.

Residents enjoy historic real estate, access to vintage shops and theatres, as well as some local favorites like the Lettered Streets Coffeehouse. Parkland within the community includes Fouts Park, Battersby Field, and Maritime Heritage Center (most popular for its salmon fish hatchery). Between E and F street is historical landmark the Pickett House, which is the oldest houses in the entire city of Bellingham.

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