Happy Valley Neighborhood Bellingham, WA

Over the years that Happy Valley Neighborhood has gone through numerous growth spurts and changes. Since the earliest development in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the neighborhood is mainly filled with craftsman style homes and Victorian homes that sat on large lots. Most of the Happy Valley Neighborhood early residents either lived on larger “garden tracks” in the Valley or in smaller platted lots near Fairhaven. In the 1960s, with the growth of Western Washington University (WWU), Happy Valley Neighborhood saw a large influx of student population. Along with the higher demand for student housing in the north end of the neighborhood came the development of apartment buildings to house more students. On the opposite end of the neighborhood is where more of the single-family residences can be found.

Where do Happy Valley residents go to school?

Elementary school-age students are split up between Happy Valley elementary and Larabee Elementary School. All of the middle school students attend Fairhaven Middle School then continue on to Sehome High School. A natural progression for many of these locals of Happy Valley is to go to the conveniently located Western Washington University (WWU) for their college education. For those that are lucky enough they can even ride a bicycle from their home right to the college campus.

Happy Valley Parks and Recreation

The Happy Valley Park is located at 2700 Donovan Ave. The amenities in the park include benches, picnic tables, covered gazebo, playground and hiking trails (Connelly Creek Trail Map). The park is opened between 6 AM – 9 PM daily.

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