Fairhaven Neighborhood Real Estate – Bellingham, WA

Artsy shops, cozy restaurants, and waterfront hotels make up the beloved Fairhaven Historic District. Growing in tourism and as a cute weekend getaway, Fairhaven neighborhood is also home to many who enjoy its artsy vibe. In fact, the median age of Fairhaven is a bit lower than the rest of Bellingham at about 26.5.
Fairhaven Historic District, in its entirety, spans from 13th to 20th street. The heart of the village is extremely walkable as most of the eateries and shops are condensed within fourth blocks by four blocks. Bundled up, or on a summer day, Fairhaven is the perfect place for long strolls through town on a Saturday or Sunday.

The history of Fairhaven is also abundant. Dating back to 1889, it began booming when the Northwest railroad terminus was up for grabs! Many staples that came to be during the early buildup still remain, including the famous and locally known Haggen’s Food & Pharmacy (around since 1933).

South of Downtown but still north of Edgemoor, Fairhaven is one of many Bellingham towns that provide access to the bay. With I-5 to its east, Lake Whatcom is also very accessible, only about 10 miles away.

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