Alabama Hill Neighborhood Bellingham, WA

Alabama Hill is an entirely residential neighborhood with single-family houses. The homes are mainly detached and a majority of them were probably built around the 1960s and the 1970s. Most of the Alabama Hill real estate is very spacious, well planned, and have a fireplace. Almost all of the houses have their kitchen countertops made out of granite. This not only gives the room a better aesthetic appeal but is also very easy to clean and maintain. Being made out of solid stone, the countertops are very durable and perfect for all types of culinary practices.

Home sales in Alabama Hill

Alabama Hill neighborhood in Bellingham, Washington has shown a strong increase in the price of real estate. This year, the average listing prices are over $425,000, which is almost 15% higher than that of the previous 2 years. However, it is not only the prices that have gone up; even the number of properties for sale has increased by almost 10 percent. Over the past year, the number of sales in Alabama Hill increased quite noticeably from a usual of 5 homes to 8 homes. These properties go fast which poses remarkable challenges for buyers looking for properties in this area.

Typical home designs

Almost all of the houses in Alabama Hill are designed after a contemporary fashion and have an orientation favorable for a direct view of the city and the bay. The neighborhood is a crisscross of arterial streets with limited access to only private vehicles. The streets and the pavements are broad and very convenient both for driving and commuting. The residents may opt for private cars as well as travel by foot for getting to the work area.

There are enough greenery and quiet trails around the neighborhood, perfect for going on leisure walks. Alabama Hill neighborhood is a very pleasant neighborhood with wide roads and lots of open spaces. The area offers plenty of beautiful and serene scenery. There are a number of safe family parks where you can take your dog along with you. In addition to this warm setting, the clear view of the bay and the city offers a very posh feel to the neighborhood.

Alabama Hill demographics Was demographics

Alabama Hill has a total population of 2648 with residents with an average age of 44 years. Furthermore, almost 56% of the residents in this area are homeowners. Although many residents may speak a second language, the major spoken language is English. The neighborhood also has plenty of public amenities like parks and open spaces for the residents to enjoy. The residents also do not face any problem looking for handy servicemen such as babysitters and mechanics. The median household income in the Alabama Hill neighborhood is $61,526. This is above the Washington state average. There are numerous coffee shops, plenty of places to grab if I can eat and public transit is easy and accessible.

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