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“The best investment on Earth is Earth.” – Louis Glickman

Rent Appreciation Model

Congratulations on your business, know you need the right space for staff and operations. It’s exciting and to make sure you find the right price you need someone who knows the market and is vigilant. Good spaces come up and go quickly. With my weekly reports and word of mouth network, I can help you not only find a great location but also assist you in negotiating the leasing of office space to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Air BnB Model

The wonderful world of retail is all about Location, Location, Location. From foot traffic to sign space, it all matters when your a brick and mortar operation. Each business is unique and has to meet profitability goals. Let me show you how your rent can be worth the money by getting customers through the door.

Fix and Flip Model

Whether you are expanding or finding that right ADA space for your clients, I can quickly tell you what is available around town and in your price range. Having assisted many clients with leasing medical premises before, and worked with medical professionals, I can help in numerous ways from selecting a space to negotiating a lease. I can even help with recommending a the right kind of build out for work flow. I have numerous connections with contractors and architects around town.


I understand the financial concerning the options of purchasing versus owning. For years, I worked on spread sheets calculating the cost benefits of owning versus leasing. Being a General Contractor, I am more aware of the economics of building and renovating. There are a number of connections I have around town that can help in achieving the reality of owning your own building.